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Our Pure Plant Protein is a blend of two powerful complementing plant protein isolates pea & rice protein. It contains a full and rich amino acid profile and is gentle on the digestive system. It’s Beyond Delicious and it can be added to smoothies and porridges, or just consumed on its own.

What makes our Protein FREAKISH

  • A high-quality multi-source Plant Protein Blend.
  • High Protein (20 g per serving).
  • Contains a Complete & Rich Amino Acid Profile.
  • Naturally, BCAA loaded.
  • Meets Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) requirements.
  • Alkalizing.
  • Nutrient-dense.
  • Vegan friendly.

When to consume

FFL Protein can be consumed any time through the day whether at home or on the go. It’s a quick, convenient, and clean protein source.

How to use

Mix 2 flat scoops (30 g) with 250 ml of water or your favourite milk, or add to your smoothie blend.

Allergens Statement

Contains no common allergens. Produced in a facility that processes gluten (oats) and soy.

Vanilla Ingredients

Pea protein, rice protein, erythritol, cinnamon, rice starch, salt, trehalose, xanthan gum (stabilizing agent), steviol glycosides, flavourings, inulin.

Chocolate Ingredients

Pea protein, erythritol, rice protein, stabilizer (gum acacia, xanthan gum), cinnamon, salt, flavouring, trehalose, steviol glycosides, inulin.