Enduren Cramp & Fatigue Buster (100 tablets)

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Cramp Buster

- Stop Cramps
- Balance Electrolytes Stores
- Alleviates Fatigue
- Energy Booster
- Increase Endurance
- Increase Blood Oxygen Capacity (if low on Fe)
- Buffers Acid
- Anti Inflammatory

Enduren Cramp & Fatigue Buster is a unique combination of Magnesium-, Calcium-, Sodium-, Potassium- and Iron Phosphates. It assists in balancing the bodies stores of mineral salts (electrolytes) essential for sport performance, fighting fatigue and preventing cramping.

·Magnesium Phosphate is a nerve nutrient, anti spasmodic and general pain killer. It aids greatly in the  prevention and curing of cramping.
·Calcium Phosphate is a cell restorer. It improves bone density - people who are at risk of osteoporosis and/or  experiencing delayed bone healing after fractures should be taking this regularly. It also plays a major role in  blood development and blood cell formation. The blood is the vehicle the body uses to carry its fuel to its different muscles, organs etc.
·Sodium Phosphate is an Acid Neutraliser (thus reduce/buffer acid build up from lactic acid). It also helps in the prevention of vascular disease and heart attacks by protecting the vascular system from accumulated deposits.  A shortage of this mineral results in clogged pores. It also plays a vital role in weight reduction.
·Potassium Phosphate helps prevent mental and physical exhaustion, it acts as a nerve and brain cell nutrient  and is a strong anti-septic. It is absolutely essential for today’s stressful lifestyles. When one experiences  poor memory, lack of concentration, hyperactivity in children, insomnia and the  inability to comprehend it  normally indicates a deficiency in this mineral salt.
·Ferrum (Iron) Phosphate is an oxygen carrier and anti-inflammatory.  It increases the blood’s ability to carry oxygen, thus increasing the body’s capacity for sports performance.  A weak immune system and low resistance to infections also indicates a deficiency of this salt.
·Phosphate forms an integral part of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which powers most energy consuming  activities of cells.

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