32Gi Nootropic Drink – Mental Energy & Focus Drink

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  • Drink. Game. Study. Work. Dominate

  • 32Gi®’s Multi-Charge Nootropic Energy Drink is engineered to enhance your ability, as well as support your overall health. Just one serving is guaranteed to boost mental performance for hours on end.
  • So, it's time to Game 10 x faster, better, smarter (without unhealthy Energy Drinks).
  • What makes this energy drink so unique?
  • Multiple-Benefits
    • Prolonged Time Releasing 200 MG Unique Caffeine Blend.
    • Red Beet Extract As A Natural Vasodilator For Better Oxygen Flow.
    • Inositol For Improved Mental Processing Speed & Bolstered Cognitive Function.
    • Feel Good With Boosted Dopamine Levels From Mucuna And Proprietary Vitamin B Blend.
    • Better Eye Health With Carotenoid Lutein.
    • Proprietary 10 X Mixed Berry Fruit Extracts As An Anti-Oxidant Booster For Overall Health.
    • No Guilt Zero Calorie Mental Energy.

    It's More Than Just Another Energy Drink. It's a Professional Grade Gaming Formula. Watch this https://youtu.be/K0efWb-770Q

    Under The Hood

    Healthy Protection With Free Radicals Fighters.
    Vitamin C & Powerful Fruit Extract Blend for Antioxidant Support
    Relaxation & Calm
    Red Beet / Magnesium blend providing better circulation & a calming effect on the nervous system. So you stay calm & focused under fire.     
    Brain Boosting Accuracy & Decision Making
    Inositol may assist with mental processing speed and cognitive performance.        
    Enhanced Mental Energy & Focus
    Uniquely blended patented slow-releasing ZümXR® + Caffeine Anhydrous & Taurine to provide hours of stable & prolonged alertness, focus and energy.   
    Improved Mood & Motivation   
    With a unique Vitamin B & Mucuna Pruriens Blend.   
    Heightened Hand-Eye Coordination    
    With a unique Vitamin B & Mucuna Pruriens Blend   
    Eye Health Support                
    Lutein is an antioxidant for the maintenance of good eye health.    
    Improved Mental Focus              
    With a unique Vitamin B & Mucuna Pruriens Blend
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