32Gi Hydrate - Fast Absorption Hypotonic Solution

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Looking for a naturally flavored, crisp & fresh tasting hydration drink? That’s great for shorter sessions - or to complement our other products on longer ones? Look no further than 32Gi® Hydrate! Perfect for hydration, vitality & post-exercise recovery.  

ZERO CALORIE ELECTROLYTE-RICH SPORTS DRINK TABLET - Enhanced with electrolytes and bursting with a natural, zero-calorie fruity flavour. Mix with water for a hydrating beverage to keep you powering through your next workout.

  • ENHANCE YOUR WORKOUT - Through improved hydration. Keep a tube in your gym bag, car, purse, hiking pack or anywhere you'll want to mix up a healthy, electrolyte drink. 
  • FORTIFIED WITH VITAMIN B's  - The Vitamin B fortification of HYDRATE is to aid vitality. Vitamin B12 assists the body in converting carbohydrates into glucose for energy as well as aiding the immune system. 
  • ZERO BANNED SUBSTANCES - We are fully compliant with WADA standards.
  • NO ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES PROMISE - Rest easy knowing that 32Gi® Hydrate has no artificial colours, nature identical flavours.

  • With zero calories 32Gi® Hydrate Tabs are the Ultimate Electrolyte effervescent tablet. They are a fresher, tastier, cleaner, and lighter electrolyte sports drink option. Drink anytime even at work. Great for an extra boost when you exercise, travel or when you’re feeling sluggish. Not moving at lightning speed today? Often feeling sluggish can be a result of dehydration. When your body is dehydrated, it needs water + electrolytes in order to restore itself back to its normal, energized state.

    32Gi® Hydrate tablets help your body effectively absorb the water you consume. Water + Electrolytes = Hydration bliss. When you sweat, you lose electrolytes, 32Gi® Hydrate Tabs are the perfect sports drink to replenish what is lost during exercise, assisting in mitigating the onset of cramp.

    Just drop one tablet into your water bottle. It will dissolve in a less than as minute. And off you go!