32Gi G-Shot - Guarana Caffeine Shot

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Potent, small & insanely convenient caffeine shots.
The 32Gi® G-Shot is designed with the you, the athlete, in mind. Separate your caffeine from your carbs and you control how much, and when, to take. A 60 mg shot of pure liquid guarana caffeine delivered via a 4.5 g gel to replicates the potency, taste and effect of a real-life espresso coffee shot.  
  • FAST ACTING CAFFEINE JOLT – We use pure Guarana to immediately deliver 60mg of caffeine when consumed. 
  • ALL SPORTS SUPERSTAR – No matter your sport of choice, the 32Gi® G-Shot will give you an added advantage. It’s time to win your age group, score the winning goal, dominate the court, and set yourself apart in your box!  
  • REDUCE TIREDNESS & FATIGUE - The 32Gi® G-Shot is a great pre-workout option, especially when paired with 32Gi® Hydrate. Need some oomph to finish your event strong? In Taiwan the G-Shot has earned the nickname “take me home!” 
  • INCREASE ALERTNESS & STAMINA – Stay focused & strong, whether you are competing for 1 hour or 24! Separating your caffeine from your carbohydrate intake, will also allow you to consume what you need, when you need it! 
  • JUST SNAP AND CONSUME - An innovative and completely unique gel packaging. The product is easy to carry, easy to use and is more environmentally friendly than conventional packaging.  
  • ZERO BANNED SUBSTANCES - We are fully compliant with WADA standards.  
  • NO ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES PROMISE - Rest easy knowing that the 32Gi® G-shot has no artificial sweeteners or colours, nature identical flavours.
  • 32Gi®’s Race Range G-Shot is a unique small and easy to carry caffeine shot dispensed in a gel format. The G-Shot uses pure Guarana to immediately deliver 60 mg of caffeine when consumed. It is low calorie with very little carbohydrates, allowing for caffeine intake to be accurately measured without upsetting the balance of carbohydrate intake. 

    Caffeine Tip: intake works best when the user is caffeine intolerant. Athletes should try to avoid caffeine completely in the two weeks leading up to the event to maximise its effect.