When you make a donation, you become a vital part of the Painted Dog Conservation work and every little bit counts.

The link will take you through to the Painted Dog Conservation website to immediately record your valued donation. Make a donation to ensure the expert team at Painted Dog Conservation can continue conservation efforts for the African wild dog.

Help us make a difference with a donation to the PDC (Dollars) or alternatively your donation (Rands) can be made directly to us. All donations are gathered, pooled and donated to the PDC.

Banking Details
Wild Dogs MTB Club
First National Bank
Branch code: 250 109
Account number: 6253 8931 082
Please use "Donation" as your payment reference.
  •  $150 - Feeds the orphaned and injured wild dogs at the PDC rehabilitation facility.
  • $250 - Pays for one month’s fuel for the Education Programme vehicle.
  • $350 - Provides one month salary for one APU (Anti-Poaching Unit) member.
  • $400 - Feeds the dogs in our rehab for one month.
  • $800 - Buys one protective radio collar for a wild dog.
  • $5,000 - Keeps the Painted Dog Conservation Research and Monitoring      team in the field for a month.
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     "You can help save an Endangered species" - James Williams