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On June 5th 2015, James started his mountain bike club with two main goals in mind – first of which was to give something back as a mountain bike as part of his love for the sport and the great outdoors. This led him to the amazing and charismatic Endangered African wild dog. “The painted dogs used to roam across 39 countries, and number in the hundreds of thousands. Now, there are fewer than 7,000 painted dogs left, living across 14 countries. They’re classified as threatened on the IUCN’s Red List, and need our help if they’re to escape extinction.” Painted Dog Conservation.James had his cause, a way to give something back as a cyclist. The club could now set about helping to save the African wild dog by means of fund raising and donations. The secondary goal was simpler – share his passion of cycling with everyone and its great health benefits and added bonuses of having fun and the freedom it gives you within and to explore more.

Creating the mountain bike club made us the Southern Hemispheres first and only club of its kind having the very clear mandate in the clubs constitution to raise funds and awareness for the plight of the Endangered African wild dog. Wilddogs MTB has grown from a local club to a brand which now sports a national foot print across South Africa which we never ever dreamed of. The club is made up of exceptional people from all walks of life, fantastic sponsors, donors, with all the help and encouragement of these amazing people we could proudly be who we are as a club today. We now have an exciting on line store to go along with our web page which offers exciting cycling apparel and other related paraphernalia , the club proudly supports the Waterberg Wild Dog Initiative.

James “Wild Dog” Williams is the chairman and founder of the Wild Dogs MTB club. He’s man of many talents and his passion for wildlife is definitely one of his stronger traits. One could say his marriage to Caron is a definite contributor to his passion as they share similar passions about protecting the wildlife as is their “Go Green” attitude. James is an outdoors man and peoples person, a natural leader, who can be fiery passionate, robust but at the same time is timid by nature. One of his biggest passions has been encouraging people to enjoy nature and to cycle, especially mountain biking. One of my favourite chirps of encouragement from James, “kom troepie” kept me going the one day when I just felt like stopping a ride due to exhaustion on a monster club at a club ride. When chatting to James he almost always talks about endangered animals, takes loads of on bike photos of animals, bugs and flowers; always pointing out tree and flower species to fellow cyclists and his passion can be quite animated, don’t get him started on mountain bikes or latest gadgets for bikes. Kudos to James, this passion has led to the start of something new, the Wild Dog MTB club which he founded with a great cause in mind to give something back as a mountain biker first is a true testament to his resolve and attitude. It has always been something which is encouraging to know as being part of it, we the Club members will be assisting directly with helping to save the Endangered African wild dog simply by riding our mountain bikes, being members and supporting the club. Exciting times ahead and may the adventure continue. James can be followed on the various social media pages using his social media handle @wilddog_ZA

Written by Devon Reed


James Williams