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African Wild Dogs are South Africa's most endangered carnivore, with fewer than 650 wild dogs left...

The African wild dog used to roam across 39 countries, and number in the hundreds of thousands. Now,
there are fewer than 6,000 African wild dogs left globally living across 14 African countries.
They are also classified globally as Endangered on the IUCN Red List, with a declining population trend and need our help if they’re to escape extinction.

Wilddogs MTB proudly raise funds from our memberships, on-line store support and donations; in support of the Waterberg Wild Dog Initiative to help save the Endangered African wild dog. "The Waterberg Wild Dog Initiative works alongside the community to enhance understanding and promote the conservation of African Wild Dogs within the Waterberg.”

Wilddogs MTB club we ride bikes to raise awareness around the need to conserve the Endangered African wild dog and help prevent its extinction. Every little bit counts!